Kör Whitening System – a Bright White Smile that Lasts 

Teeth whitening can be a frustrating process because it’s often unpredictable and can cause tooth sensitivity after treatment. The Kör whitening system fixes both of these problems by offering an effective and comfortable system with lasting results.

Part of what makes the Kör whitening system so effective is that it’s continually refrigerated, which means the chemicals will not start deteriorating before they even get to your teeth.


How Teeth Whitening Works

Your tooth color is determined by pigment and stain molecules trapped in the teeth. Peroxide tooth whitening gel is essentially hydrogen peroxide breaking down into free radicals that react with your teeth, creating a lightening effect.

Research has found that whitening gel in conventional whitening trays is only working at full strength for 25-35 minutes before getting contaminated by saliva. It takes very little saliva to contaminate the amount of gel used in whitening treatment.

Kör whitening system trays seal out saliva and other contaminants. These trays, combined with the Kör continuously refrigerated gel, allows for 6-10 hours of active whitening. This gives you a thorough, long-lasting treatment and a youthful white smile.

Fighting Sensitivity

Part of your whitening treatment includes Kör desensitizer, which prevents any sensitivity that can be a result of teeth whitening treatments. It blocks the nerves that are affected by the whitening process.


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